Specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence

What is this course about?

This program is an online one-year specialization program, exclusively designed for Sharia scholars & graduates from different traditional Islamic madrasas. The program empowers the Sharia scholars by developing advanced research skills, critical thinking, and an ability to grasp complex cases generically through intense Mashq fatawa(Tamreen) and case studies.
Additionally, Takhassus-Fil-Ifta program provides a comprehensive understanding of Usool-Al-Fiqh (Legal Theories), Qawa’id al-Fiqh (Legal Maxims) and their application to the contemporary legal casesbased on the traditional Hanafi Madhab.
This course also enables scholars so that they can solve the religious problems of publicin their daily life and prepare the Muslim ummahby answering them solution of the trials and tribulations they face in their knowledge & practical life in light of sharia teachings and Islamic jurisprudence.

Course Outline

S.NO. Content
1 How to solve Islamic jurisprudential issues
2 Critically analyze the question and tell the sharia solution with respect to the context & geographical location of the question and the questioner
3 To make people aware of the Islamic jurisprudential issues & their solution in the light of the principles of Islamic jurisprudence
4 Reading and commenting on essential articles and essays related to Islamic Jurisprudence subject.
5 Identification of specific Arabic Fatwas and prepare students under guidance of Islamic Scholar
6 Identification of specific Urdu Fatwas and prepare students under guidance of Islamic Scholar
7 Solutions to emerging modern problems in the light of Islamic Jurisprudence
8 The manner of making fatwa using intelligence & critical thinking by understanding the priority & superiority
9 Obedience to the research and thoughts of Salaf and Khalaf scholars.

Course Structure

Course Level: Advance

Class Type: Individual | Group
Class Duration: 3 Hours Daily & 6 Days per week
Age Level: Minimum 20 years.
Pre-requisites: Have successfully completed
“Alim Course” from reputed Islamic School following Dars-E-Nizami curriculum.
Course Duration: 1 year (6 days/week)
including 60 days of leave
Instruction Medium: Online

Gender: Both Male/Female
Instruction Language: Urdu / English

NOTE:- List of books to be followed in this course will be provided by our scholar on request

Fee Structure

Demo/Trial Class

30 Minutes

Classes Per Week Monthly Fees
350 USD
6100 USD
Classes Per Week Monthly Fees
333 USD
665 USD