Quran Interpretation Program (Tafseer-ul-Quran)

What is this course about?

In this course students will study in detail interpretation of Quran which is called “Tafseer”. Tafseer of Holy Quran help Muslims to interpret the literal as well as the technical meaning of the Quran verses. A Quranic tafseer attempts to provide elucidation, explanation, interpretation, context or commentary for clear understanding and conviction of words of Allah. The main goal of Tafseer-e-Quran course is to help Muslims understand the true meaning of every verse of the Holy Quran..

Course Outline

Our academy teaches tafaseer from most authentic & recommended books in the world of Quran tafseer.
Our scholars will guide the students in choosing either of following tafseer books for the course.
Students will be taught tafseer from the following books, additionally students can discuss with our scholars to study specific book of tafseer.

S.NO. Content
1 Book of Tafseer: Tafsir Ibn-e-Kathir, Tafsir Ma'ariful Qur'an
2 Understanding the science of Tafsir Al Quran
3 Meaning of verses word by word
4 The contextual meaning of the Word
5 Learn Islamic laws
6 Quranic explanations in Arabic
7 Explain each and every Surah and it’s verses with other parts of the Quran and Hadees with references
8 Understand the commands of Allah (SWT)

Course Structure

Course Level: Advance

Class Type: Individual | Group
Class Duration: 30 minutes
Age Level: Minimum 15 years,
and maximum there is not limit.
Course Duration:
Students can choose to study Tafseer
for selected Surah, Juzz or whole Quran.
Instruction Medium: Online

Gender: Both Male/Female
Instruction Language: Urdu / English / Arabic

Fee Structure

Demo/Trial Class

30 Minutes

Classes Per Week Monthly Fees
350 USD
6100 USD
Classes Per Week Monthly Fees
333 USD
665 USD