Arabic Language Program

What is this course about?

This course is designed from basic to advance level for students who want to learn & understand Arabic language. Benefit of learning Arabic language is student can read & understand Quran in better way. Additionally, this course helps students to overcome academic challenges in learning Arabic.
It will enable students to begin to access a variety of texts, from Quran and Hadith to modern newspaper articles and literary texts. It will give students both the ability to comprehend a range of basic vocabulary and identify and utilize an increasingly broad array of grammatical structures, setting them firmly on the path for future learning and development of these skills

Course Outline

This course is based on famous books (Miftah-ul-Arabiyyah, Minhaaj-ul-Arabiyyah, Al Qira’at-ul-Rashida) on Arabic Language. Following content will be covered in this course:

S.NO. Content
1 Ism,Fayl ,Harf, Aeraab
2 Jumlafayliyawalismiya
3 Haroof e ja’rrah + zaroof
4 Murakkab e izafi + tauseefi
5 Usooluladadwalmadood
6 Asma-e-mosoola
7 Fayl-e-maazi
8 Fayl-e-muzaray
9 Fayl-e-amarwanahi
10 Adawaat un naasibawaljaazima
11 Inna Wa Akhawaatiha
12 KaanaWa Akhawaatiha
13 Haal + tameez
14 Airaabuljuml

Course Structure

Course Level: Advance

Class Type: Individual | Group
Class Duration: 30 minutes
Age Level: Minimum 10 years,
and maximum there is not limit.
Pre-requisites: N/A
Course Duration (6 Days/week):
  • Beginner Level – 3 months
  • Intermediate Level – 6 months
  • Advance Level – 12 months
  • Instruction Medium: Online

    Gender: Both Male/Female
    Instruction Language: Urdu / Arabic / English

    Fee Structure

    Demo/Trial Class

    FREE For
    30 Minutes

    Classes Per Week Monthly Fees
    350 USD
    6100 USD
    Classes Per Week Monthly Fees
    333 USD
    665 USD