Importance and Need of Online Quran Teaching…!

MSA Quran Academy is an online academy founded by a great team of Islamic scholars and qualified intellectuals from different parts of the globe, we provide online Islamic education in different areas with the help of our small team of male and female teachers. If you wish to know about the courses we offer at MSA Quran Academy then head over to the courses section.

  • Not everyone gets a chance to learn Quran in their childhood, Allah S.W.T gives guidance to people at different phases of their life. One might even start learning Quran after marriage or after having kids or it may be any other situation of person’s life.
  • People who are working and don’t have time to go to Madrassa or hire a Alim-e-deen at their home due to their busy schedule, are the people who needs online Quran teaching in their life.
  • People can come to "MSA Quran Academy" and find a class according to their convenient time and specially for those who don’t find Quran tutors close to their homes. Such a situation is quite prevalent in western countries where the muslim population is increasing gradually.
  • Finding a good Islamic scholar is not easy now a days and most of the scholars who are available are too busy to give time or not too qualified to teach Quran or other Islamic teachings online.
  • It’s better late than never People who start learning Quran late, might feel shy to go and learn ilm-e-deen in madrasa or any other organization where there are so many other students of small age group. "MSA Quran Academy" is a hope for these people as we offer one to one classes to our students.
  • Our sisters who don’t find a desired organization or madrasa where there are female teachers for teaching or sisters who don’t want to go out and learn can choose online teaching at "MSA Quran Academy" and start learning from their home from female teachers.
  • Lastly the pandemic situation we have all been through in 2019 (Covid-19) is also a reason why online Quran teaching is important.

Mission of MSA Quran Academy

  • According to a Hadith in Sahi-Al-Bukhari, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him), said that the best person among you are the one who learn and teach Quran to others. Keeping this Hadith in our mind:-
  • Our Mission is to spread the teachings of Quran and hadith to the people all around the world in the best possible way. By teaching others we will also continue to learn new things in life and hence the Hadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) will be followed.

Vision of MSA Quran Academy

  • Talking about our vision, our vision is to facilitate the people understand Al-Quran and implement the teachings of it in their daily life. We want to do our best in making it easier for our students to learn and understand Quran and for that we have well qualified teachers selected by our team of richly experienced teachers.